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Deborah Kolesza

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I always desired a job where helping and appropriate communication is a must have, and I also imagined myself working with people and caring about them somehow. I like helping others and being that person who can be count on everytime. I’m happy to give advices to the ones closest to me if it’s needed. I also love talking with others and getting to know their stories.

I’ve become interested in the world of recruiting at the university, during my master studies (I graduated as a human resources counsellor in May, 2018). My wish was always to work in a helping profession, where I can be a useful member not only for my workteam, but for society as well, by launching processes that can help others. That was the basis of my interest in recruiting.

In order to find the perfect job, plus energy is needed many times for employers and employees to find each other. And that’s where I would like to help, I would like to be that extra energy and I intend to call kindness, felixibility and ingenuity to be my help on this journey. On top of that, all of this are happening in an environment like VISION gives: supporting, full of challanges, exciting workdays among helping team members.

When I’m out of our cosy office, I love cooking and baking and discovering new culinary places in my free time. At home, I spend most of my time with my boyfriend and my cats but when I’m alone I usually watch my favorite TV shows or read a book while sipping a yummy coffee in our garden.

I love being outside, getting to know new places all by myself and with others as well. One of the best programs for me is taking time with my beloved ones during the day, walking, having a lunch with each other then gathering together in the evening, playing some boardgames and having fun with each other. 😊

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