Eszter Tarkó

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I became a teammember at Vision Recruitment in April 2017, but I already felt that I belong here even at my fitting day. I came back to the field of recruitment after a bigger skip in my career, and it got me away again. It’s an adventurous joy, to meet with new people everyday, and help there career path evolve…. it’s an exiting challenge every workday.

When I’m not looking for the newest candidates, I like to spend most of my time, with my beloved family, and with the four pawed group of little families members. We love to walk around the city,  and just spend time in nature, and get to know the unknown. My favorite hobby is singing, and if I have time, I join my choir to do it so.

For me, Vision recruitment is a kinda team, that I always wanted to be a part of; a place where you can be yourself and that’s what it made you the perfect colleague and employee.