Alexandra Hornyák

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I have always been a talkative and cheerful person, who likely deals with others and help to their dreams come true. I motivate and support my surroundings thus we make the decisions together and they can start their real path.

I believe that people must work in the field what fits their abilities, where they can get appreciation and respect. I truly think, some kind words can help in every situations, especially when some are looking for a job. In those times people are full of doubts and try to search the best possibilities.

Working as a Researcher at Vision Recruitment I am to find the best workplaces for my candidates which are not just a „place to be”. I assume the key to success is the proper work conditions and a great branch of colleagues.

I hope I will be able to help as many jobseekers as possible to make their life’s big decisions.

I have always been dreaming about to have a house in Badacsony with vineyard and vinecellar. If I have a chance I try new restaurants but mostly I enjoy having time in wine tasting or wine dinner.

I have lived in Balaton a few months and I can assure everybody that it is not boring at all even in winter. Every year I spend some weeks there and I love taking photos of it to decorate my home’s walls.

After a long day, in my free time I usually take ,,gastro-days” at my home for my friends.

Besides all of it the sport is very important, I have been running for 2 years now, thats the time when I can totally turn off.